Read the latest letter from Sterling Valuation Group CEO Murray Grenville, from our Sterling Strategist newsletter.

July 24, 2017 | Murray C. Grenville

Welcome to Sterling Valuation Group’s quarterly Newsletter! The Sterling Strategist is one of the ways we at Sterling strive to effectively communicate with our clients and colleagues. To that end, you will also notice that we continue to enhance our website to include more detail with regard to valuing alternative assets and the innovative approach Sterling takes.

In this first issue of The Sterling Strategist, you’ll find an article by Dr. Richard Buttimer, Professor of Real Estate & Finance at the Belk School of Business at the University of North Carolina, who is on Sterling’s Board of Advisors and who is one of the experts we consult with when valuing assets. In his article, Dr. Buttimer discusses the risks of using overly complex valuation models. At times, Dr. Buttimer states, the valuation spreadsheet can become more complex than the investment itself.

Dr. Buttimer’s insight goes to the heart of Sterling’s philosophy on asset valuation. Our team stands with conviction behind all of our work, operating on three fundamental principles: experience, independence, and integrity.

Our firm is one of the pioneers in valuing alternative, non-liquid assets for hedge funds, private equity firms, banks and other financial institutions. Our strength lies in the depth of our experience and in the breadth of input we receive from leaders in academia, finance, and industry.

We are also singularly focused on providing independent valuation of non-traditional assets. We strive to ensure a tailored, customized valuation of each investment we consider, and we are proud of the intellectual rigor and passion our dedicated team brings to the valuation process.

Finally, we deeply value our reputation for integrity. We believe our clients and their investors deserve services untainted by outside influences and competing agendas. Above all else, each member of the Sterling team is committed to the highest ethical principle in the service of our clients and their investors.

We’d love to hear your comments and feedback on this newsletter, as well as your thoughts regarding the areas we should cover in upcoming briefings. Please contact us with your thoughts, ideas and questions.

Wishing you all the best for rest of 2017,

Murray Grenville Sterling Valuation Group NYC