Sterling Valuation Group provides independent portfolio valuation services to hedge funds, private equity firms, banks, and other financial institutions in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.


Sterling offers a commercial perspective in the valuation of alternative assets. We capitalize on extensive experience working with finance professors and other industry experts, and together we cover major geographic markets worldwide.


Sterling provides independent and transparent valuation services free from conflicts of interest. Upon request, we speak with client auditors to further explain our valuation methodologies and processes.


Sterling deeply values its integrity and stands with conviction behind all of our work. Above all else, each member of the Sterling team is committed to the highest ethical principles in service of our clients.

Read Sterling’s Article on the Advantages of Using Simple Valuation Models

Murray C. Grenville talks valuation models with Dr. Richard Buttimer, Professor of Real Estate and Finance at the Belk School of Business at the University of North Carolina, and member of Sterling’s academic team. In the article, Dr. Buttimer discusses the risks of using overly complex valuation models.